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ARC Gems Wholesale

Sunday, May 22, 2005

About the Rough for Wholesale

This post will give you information about the kind of gemstones to expect in the wholesale parcel.

Quality A, B, & C of Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Kunzite, Peridot & Topaz which I am selling are only sorted for clarity and nothing else. This means that they are not sorted for size or for color.

So for example in a Kilogram of Topaz you may find pieces ranging from 5 carat to 50 carat in weight. Also there will be a range of colors from colorless to Sherry to Peach and Pink. Most Topaz from Katlang are small sparkling sherry colored crystals. Usually ranging from 1carat to 10carat. In the parcel is about 20% colorless, 10% pink, 30% good peachy color and rest is sherry color. The ratio does vary from parcel to parcel. A rough parcel of High Quality Topaz is 1kg in weight.

Recently most aquamarine coming from Pakistan is very light blue and light sea green. Most of the rough is actually nice aquamarine crystals, with good terminations and physical structure. The parcel usually has about 30% colorless crystals, 20% blue, and rest very light blue. Unfortunately the bluer the crystals are there is more tendency of them being included or having translucent or milky patches in side the crystals. The sizes range from 5carats to 150 or more carat crystals. I personally wish they never break the crystals from the host rocks since they are much more prettier and fetch much more in specimen form.

It is amazing how many nice crystals are coming from Pakistan nowadays.

Parcel sizes are usually 1 kg or 2 kg.

This one has become the most expensive stone after ruby in Pakistan. The prices of tourmaline and ruby have been fluctuating a lot in Pakistan. The prices I have listed on my blog are actually a few years old! I have no stock left in Pakistan right now. So, if you want some you will have to contact me first, I will check whether I can get some from the mines and also get some photos before I can proceed with the sale. From the day of the request from a customer, it will take 10 working days to find out if I can supply Tourmaline at the prices I have stated.

Parcel sizes of Tourmaline are half kilo to 1 kilo for wholesale. Colors range from light green to dark green, Light blue to dark blue, some pinks and bi colored crystals. Most of the rough are nice crystals weighing 3ct to 15ct in a parcel. 25% light green, 20% Green, 20% Dark green, 25% blue, 5% pink, 5% bi-color are rough %ages of the colors in a parcel.

Peridot is obviously the best quality and color that originates from Pakistan. Like tourmaline prices of Peridot have also been going high. But for peridot it is a bit steady. Actually it is rarity of bigger pieces in the world that has made Peridot more expensive.Pakistan has both bigger pieces and good color. The colors of peridot in the parcel is 70% the same. Some darker and some lighter hues of green are found but the difference is not too big. Some very nice crystals are found in the rough usually. As a matter of fact most of the rough is crystals with terminations, which is quite rare in rest of the world. Rough weights are in the range of 5cts to 20cts.

I have sent back all my Ruby back where it came from!!! I think ruby from Afghanistan and Kashmir are too expensive and can not compete with thai and burma rubies. Maybe when the ruby miners become a little less greedy then I will start dealing in it as well.

Believe it or not this is the worlds most expensive gemstone of the world nowadays. And you thought it was Diamond! Some big merchants are taking lead from the diamond merchants and started hoarding already declining supply of Emerald. So what can we expect except sky rocketing prices. I am totally against hoarding and artificial price increases and for that reason I keep away as much as possible from Diamonds and Emeralds execpt for medium to low grade material. For these two gems don't hold your breath, because the hoarding will only stop when end of the world comes.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wholesale: Minimum Purchase

There are two restrictions on wholesale purchases:

  1. One kilogram is the minimum weight that can be purchased for any gemstone except if stated otherwise in the description of the gemstone.
  2. A minimum purchase of US$1000 is necessary to be eligible for wholesale rates.

Please make sure that you gather as much information as possible, by asking us questions, about the gemstones that you are interested to buy before you decide to buy. This will ensure that you are happy with what you buy.

Wholesale Prices For Lapis Lazuli Rough

Grade A Lapis (80% to 100% Blue, pyrite & very little calcite) = US$400/kg
Grade B Lapis (50% to 75% Blue, pyrite & calcite) = US$200/kg
Grade C Lapis (10% to 25% Blue, pyrite & lots of calcite) = US$20/kg

Shipping & Payment Method


Customer pays Shipment and insurance cost.

Shipments will be insured and shipped person-to-person.

Either DHL or FedEx will be the couriers.

Goods will ship within 20 working days of receiving a payment in full. Usually shipement gets to the customer within 40 days of receiving a payment in full


Direct Bank Deposit using Telegraphic Transfer is the method of payment. Payments through check, money order or Credit cards are not acceptable. Country of Origin of shipment of goods is Either Australia or Pakistan. The Bank where money needs to be transferred cepends where the goods are comming from. For example, if gemstones are being Shipped from Australia, then bank account details Australia will be provided to customer.

Return Policy

If you become dissatisfied with the purchase, you must send us the reason for your dissatisfaction in writing in an email to us at within 5 working days of receiving the goods. In addition to the email you may contact us at +61-425 854 976 during daytime in Melbourne Australia. We will give you shipping instructions. To return the merchandise, please include your packing slip or invoice, along with a signed note (by manager or owner of the business) explaining the reason for the return.

Goods must be returned in their original, undamaged, unaltered condition within 15 working days of the receiving date, we will gladly exchange any item or issue a prompt refund. Note that the shipping & insurance fees are not refundable.

Note that you must return merchandise by sending the package securely wrapped, insured, and postage-paid.

DHL or FedEx is the preferred carrier for sending back returns because they will track the package for you. Insurance is must for the value of the goods; we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us at email

Rough Wholesale Price List

Prices in table below are in US$ per Kilogram

_______________Quality A________Quality B________Quality C







Quality A Gemstones are 80% - 100% Transparent (very few inclusions). These are best suited for faceting clean gemstones & Gem quality specimen.

Quality B Gemstones are Transparent to Translucent (included). Slightly included stones can be faceted from these gemstones. Best suited for cabochon and specimen.

Quality C Gemstones are Translucent to Opaque. These are specimen grade. Good for carvings, specimen and cabochons.

In the past most of the lots for these gemstones are found to have more than 50% crystals with good terminations and can be sold as specimens. This can be expected in the future but not guaranteed.