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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is there a quality rating system for quartz gemstones?

Good question Kelsey Babineaux.

No there is no universal standard for quality rating of Quartz or any other gem except Diamond.

However, I tell my customers if the gemstone (including quartz) is Clean, Included or Slightly Included:


  • Clean: means that no inclusion can be seen in the gemstone with naked eye.
  • Slightly Included: means that the gem has small or very light inclusion/s which can be seen by naked eye but do not effect the beauty of the gem.
  • Included: means has inclusions which are big and abundant enough to make the gemstone look different and probably its beauty is effected.

We don't use terms like Loupe clean or terms used for diamonds because they are very impractical and have been tailored to increase the price of gems more than what it really are. I will explain more on this blog in a few days from now. So don't forget to visit the blog when you get the chance:

BTW if you are buying, for example, a tourmalined quartz then tourmaline in the quartz is not identified as inclusion since tourmaline is already implied as inclusion in the name of the gemstone.

However, I don't agree with this myself and I am planning to change the discriptions of my tourmaline quartz to explicitly say, for example, "Quartz is included by tourmaline crystals".