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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Snaps from Frankston Lapidary Club Gemshow 2006

I wonder why most of the gemshows in Victoria are at the end of the year. All are organised from August through to November. May be they want to get the xmas customers. But there are hardly any customers as well!

Here are some photos that I took at the gem show:

Here is Megan Clark smiling and posing for the photo. She is my Gem-2 Practical teacher from GAA, Melbourne.

Next is Grant Pearson ready to test gemstones. He also teaches at GAA. Julie sitting next to him is my class fellow in Gem 2, GAA, Melbourne.

Below is a superb fossil specimen that was on sale.

Last is Darryl from Frankston & Penansula Lapidary Club. He is sadly watching his faceted gemstone, which he has put up in the faceting competition. He is sad because he thought that it was a tourmaline until I came an told him that it was not a tourmaline but a citrine. I hope he has recovered by now.


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