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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pictures from Waverley Gemshow 2006

Australian Black Pearls
As usual Waverley gem club good show seemed quite busy and successful. I guess two major contributing factors are gemshow location is in a moderately posh suburb of Melbourne and secondly it is organised by women. This shows that women are good communicators and advertisers...

Ok here are some pictures that I took while my family and I were shopping there:

First one from top shows Black Cultured Pearls from Cook Island. They were quite big 10-12mm, but I am not sure, sorry forgot to measure them! The oyster in the picture is a black lip oyster in which these pearls are harvested.

Closeup of Nacre of Australian Black PearlsNext photo is a closeup which shows a cut pearl. You can see the white bead in one half and bead from the other half (on the right) has been removed. It shows that the nacre is quite thick, which is good.

Bob Bubeck Selling Australian Blue SapphiresNext is GAA Gem, "Bob Bubeck" selling his Australian Sapphires. I realised he is always very positive. When asked how were the sales this time, he always replies great, even if there is not a soul in sight! Well I guess if he is not that positive all of his gemology students at GAA Melbourne would leave gemology and start selling fruit...

Beautiful gemstone specimen displayHere is a picture of a nice display (as always) of Gem minerals from "Crystal Habit" . I am sorry I did not add a bigger picture.


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